Hello there!

I am Haripriya Singh, an architect from India, and am currently pursuing my masters in Landscape Architecture from Hochschule Anhalt Germany.

I come from a family of theatre artists and writers, so even as an architect I have interests in and am enthusiastic about different fields. Apart from designing as an architect I have done set designing for theatre productions and exhibition designing and I also have a keen interest in architecture journalism and photography. Moreover, currently I am also exploring the field of Landscape Architecture and Planning in my masters.

The range of my projects is varied and each project is different from the other not just in terms or concept but also entirely in its nature altogether. I like to do different things at the same time because it gives me a sense of creativity and gives me a broader vision of everything and provides me new vistas of learning.

I hope you like my website, my projects and also if you find the time to read my blog, you enjoy my writings! 🙂

Haripriya Singh

Haripriya Singh Architect
Haripriya Singh Architect