Set design

I come from a background of theatre artists, both my parents are theatre artists, plays and theatrical productions have been a part of  my life ever since I can remember even before I chose to study architecture, sets and production design were a part of my life while growing up.

I find myself extremely privileged to be able to combine my profession i.e. architecture and my passion that is theatre and set designing. I believe that having the knowledge of what the script of a play requires and working on it to come up with a set design from a theatre artist’s perspective and combining this perspective with my technical knowledge of architecture and design gives me a unique perspective of design.

I enjoy set designing because it is so flexible in its nature, can be put up in 2 days, can work in both abstract and actual terms and gives you a lot of free space in terms of putting up structures and designs which might not work for real buildings where construction is required but on stage, such structures work perfectly!